Conditions for participation

Conditions for participants in the Gouda Ceramic Days

 The Gouda Ceramic Days are held every year on (Thursday) Ascension Day and the Friday after.  The ceramists who participate in the Goudse Keramiekdagen  have been invited by the organization to register, or have registered on their own initiative.

 The candidate participant registers via a digital application form.  He/she adds photos, of which one photo of a stall at a previous ceramics market or a test set-up at home or at school, one passport photo of the ceramist him/herself and the website data  with work of the ceramist.  She/he provides a brief description of the work on the registration page in the appropriate box.  This data is viewed and assessed by the selection committee.

 Every year the registration starts around the end of October and the final registration date will be announced.

 The registered ceramists will be informed whether they have been admitted or rejected by the selection committee.  No appeal is possible against the decision of the selection committee.

 The registration is only final when the ceramist has been admitted by the selection committee and the invoice for participation has been paid.

 The costs for participation are: €115 for the market stall and €12.50 for the Guild meal.

 Payment of the invoice is also confirmation of the participant/ceramist of participation.  In the event of no-show or cancellation after March 1, no refund of the invoice amount is possible.

 The participant agrees to place her/his name and website on the list of participants, which is shown on the website of the Gouda Ceramic Days.

 The participant will be provided with a market stall measuring approximately 1.20 x 4 metres, covered with a neutral topsail.  Cars cannot remain on the market.  They must be gone before 10am on both mornings.  For example, you can park it in a designated area.  More information about this appears.

 The stalls will be allocated by the market master of the organization on both days from 7 a.m., in a sector on the Market.  The ceramist then selects a stall within that sector.  First come, first served.

 The participants are obliged to be present on time, so that the stands are set up on both mornings by 10:00 a.m. at the latest.  The participant is not allowed to leave the stand or the designated place prematurely.  The market will continue until 5 p.m. on both days.  A special card with participant number and name, provided by the organization, must be confirmed in the booth at a place designated by the organisation.  This card remains attached to the stall for two days, so that the second day the competitor is in the same place in the assigned sector.

 In the stand, the participant may only display and offer for sale his own workpieces that fall under the heading of ceramics.

 The organization reserves the right to remove work in the state of the market if this does not correspond to the quality as shown in the photos at registration.

 The ceramists will hand in a piece of work on Thursday between 8.00 a.m. and 10.00 a.m. for the overview exhibition and competition.  This piece of work is exhibited to the public and also assessed by a jury of experts, which is composed annually by the organization.  The jury’s verdict is binding.  The winner of the first prize will be invited to join the jury for the next festival.

 The public selects a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winner from the overview exhibition on behalf of the public.

 Participation in the Goudse Keramiekdagen and the related activities is entirely at your own risk.  The board of the Gouda Keramiekstad foundation cannot be held liable for damage (such as storm damage, damage caused by visitors and/or other participants) arising from participation in the event and the related activities.

 By registering as a participant, the participant agrees to these participant conditions.