Arrival in Gouda and your place on the market

  • You can set up your navigation to the market at: Markt 1, 2801 JG GOUDA.
  • From 7:00 am you can register at the information stand on the market.
  • At the information stand you will receive a bag containing the identification card for your stall with your name and participant number, various discount coupons, a route map to the parking lot etc.
  • You will get a market stall with a table of 1.20 x 4 meters, covered with a neutral top sail. The market is divided into different sections (A-E). Your section will be pointed out at the information stand. In the section itself you are free to select your stand, but first come, first served.
  • The participants are obliged to be present on time, so that the stands are arranged at 10 am on both mornings. The participant is not allowed to leave the stand or the designated place before the end of the market. Both days the market continues until 17.00. It is the intention that you administer your identification card in a clearly visible place). The organization expects you when your stall looks good, not only at the top but also at the bottom, so that we do not look at empty boxes or crates! So make sure to cover the clothes that cover the stall to the ground.
  • The market in Gouda is car-free from 10 am. Before 10 am all cars have to leave the market again and you are requested to park elsewhere, preferably at the Parking ‘Klein Amerika’. For details, see 2. Parking in Gouda. At 17:00 hours the cars can be taken back to empty the stalls. The same rules apply to the construction for the next day. We advise you to leave the identification card on your stall, so that you can build the same stall on day two.

Parking in Gouda
Participants in the Gouda Ceramic Days can park their car in car park ‘Klein Amerika’, address: Klein Amerika 30, 2806 CA GOUDA. Facilities for campers are also available in this area. On Thursday 30 May you park free of charge (public holiday). On Friday 31 May you have to pay for the entire day at the parking post on arrival. The costs for this are € 8.00 (day ticket costs). This amount can be refunded in the information stand on Friday from 4 pm onwards.
Click here for the route to the Market and from the Market to the parking lot ‘Klein Amerika’ (a five minute walk).

 Gouda: overnight and more
At ‘Welkom in Gouda you will find all kinds of information about our beautiful Gouda including 2 hotels at ‘business visit’. offers several options.

Exhibition “ABOVE OR BELOW “- “ALL OR NOTHING” in the “Burgerhal”
You deliver one piece of work for the exhibition on Thursday between 8:00 and 9:30. This work with the theme “ABOVE OR BELOW “- “ALL OR NOTHING” is exhibited in the Burgerhal under the old town hall. The public takes care of the nomination and then the professional jury (which is compiled annually by the organization) assesses. The jury’s verdict is binding. The winner of the first prize will be invited to take part in the professional jury for the next festival. The workpiece can be picked up again on Friday between 16:00 and 16:30, the ‘Burgerhal’ closes at 17:00.

The Guild’s dinner
You can participate in the Guild’s dinner in the ‘CHOCOLADEFABRIEK’ (the library of Gouda in the old chocolate factory) adjacent to the ‘Klein Amerika’ car park. Cost 12,50 per person. Drinks you pay on the spot. Address: Klein Amerika 20, 2806 CA GOUDA.

Telephone number in case of emergency
The mobile phone number of our market master Ellis Jongsma is: 0652418853. ONLY TO USE DURING THE CERAMIC DAYS !!
You can also always turn to the information stand at the beginning of the market. There is always a first aid team available on the market.